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July 31, 2008

my girls

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Today I had my girls for the night…first they decided they both wanted to stay over, then when Jeremy came to collect Carlos, they had both decided they wanted to go home, then Jeremy calls me back and says they want to stay…ARGH!!! make up your minds already girls…then Myriam decides she wanted to go back with Jeremy, and Jovie wanted to stay with Mommy…so tonight….I’m enjoying some quality one-on-one time with my baby, Jovie.

July 28, 2008

Indra, this one is for you

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Aamar jaanu, aamar love, my everything, my world. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to come home at night and see you there waiting for me, or be waiting for you when you come home. I want to be your wife, your everything, the mother of our kids. I want to be your everything, and for you to be my everything in return. So I only have one question for you.


-Love Stephie

July 26, 2008

w-o-w oh w-o-w

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so…its like totally quiet here…its abnormal…quiet…lonely…argh!!! on a brighter note, my roommate Ashley rocks :-) and Carlos (aka Carutsu from kde-edu) arrives tomorrow…YEAH!!! exciting……tired…going to bed……………………………..random blog sorry :)

July 24, 2008

new home

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today i moved….yeah…

July 17, 2008


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the class is over…the certificates filed…given to Jeremy’s lawyer…now we wait….for the final papers :-)

July 16, 2008


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so yeah…today is the start of my 3 day weekend…had to request today off to go to some divorce class (i think it has something to do with my kids) with Jeremy…fun fun…but one step closer to being with Indra and moving to Kolkata…so give me about a week (I think) and then the divorce will be final and I can move on in life without strings attached…but I’m just worn out…tired…ready to break free…be a bit crazy and experience life a bit more…

July 9, 2008

random stuff yet again

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so random…I’m going to Vegas the 5th…will drop off a friend at the airport, who departs at like 100pm…and then hang around in Vegas until my mom comes into town…at 1200am!!! craziness…but we’ll hang out…spend time together just me and her…get us some Indian food :-D…my favorite part of the plans…I have yet to try it…we’ll see, I’m gonna get some recommendations from Indra before we go…see what should be good :-)…mmm yummy now i’m hungry!!!! I need to stop thinking about food…I’m going for lunch with a friend to quizno’s before I go to work…yeah today is a good day :-) because tomorrow is the start of my days off!!!

la la la

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Sitting here on my bed tired. maybe I’ll actually go to bed early today. work sucked but then again it usually does. hanging out with friends watching a movie. yeah bored. i want to be somewhere else than where i am right now but yeah we all know that won’t happen soon unless my some miraculous way Indra can come here or i can go there. We’ll see.

July 3, 2008

i must be crazy or something…..

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i worked 430pm-300am last night (wedneday into thursday) and today is supposed to be my day off…but stupid me volunteered to work again…so back to work I go from 1100pm-500am…after going to bed last night at 500am…and getting woken up at 930 am…what the heck? I want to just go back to bed…I have to be to work in like 12 hours…but I can’t…I blame Indra…its his fault. Thats just the way it is… :-)…so yeah…sorry if you talk to me today and I make *absolutely* no sense…which I’m sure this blog doesn’t.

July 2, 2008


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I just wanted to wish a happy birthday to Indranil Das Gupta (happy birthday love) and to Arup Kanjilal…happy birthday guys!!!

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