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September 24, 2008

tag…apparently i got tagged for reading a blog

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I am: not wanting to go to class tonight
I think: that I’m crazy!!!
I know: I’m crazy!!!
I want: hot and sour soup
I dislike: stupid people
I miss: Indranil Das Gupta
I fear: losing my friends
I feel: lazy
I hear: my phone beeping
I smell: nothing…
I crave: nothing
I cry: over missing Indra
I usually: lecture myself for not going to class
I search: for good food
I wonder: why things happen the way they happen
I regret: not being happy for the last 5 years
I love: Indranil Das Gupta
I care: about Indra and my girls
I always: try to be nice
I worry: about money
I am not: sane
I remember: Grandma and Grandpa Wilber
I believe: in true love
I dance: to Cassini’s Division
I sing: along with my fave songs
I don’t always: listen
I argue: over stupid things
I write: lots of homework
I win: when i try to win
I lose: self-control sometimes
I wish: I was in Kolkata, India
I listen: to Cassini’s Division
I don’t understand: why some people are dumb
I can usually be found: at home…
I am scared: losing my loved ones
I need: money
I forget: that I’m on my own sometimes
I am happy: to finally be happy

September 23, 2008


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so someone hit my car…like a week ago…or something like that…waiting to find out whats happening…lol…its irritating…lets just get it over and done with already…we’ll see….either that we’ll get it fixed or they’ll give me cash…

September 16, 2008


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so its 415pm and here i sit on my bed…doing nothing…wanting to be anywhere but here, tired, but unable to sleep…Its a storm outside…I’m debating venturing out and getting wet…we’ll see…i’m greatly frustrated at the moment…argh!!! school sucks…i’m tired…and work is just getting worse and worse…oh well…

September 4, 2008

what i see!

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so this is my view as I sit here…ok…photo isn’t being uploaded…but i see my girls playing and coloring and having fun :-)

September 2, 2008


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so its ridiculous…i have yet to get my school money…its ridiculous…how am i supposed to pay my tuition and buy my books?!?!?! this is ridiculous…they were supposed to send me a dixie card that is supposed to be both my ID card and will also holds my refund from whatever is left after my tuition…well…thats supposed to be here by now…but it got sent to jeremy’s address…and they can’t foward it…so…now i had to reorder a new one…so in about 5 days i should be all better…we’ll see….the stupid administration who came up with this idea ought to be shot…or something…who knows!! any ideas throw ‘em my way…

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