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September 24, 2008

tag…apparently i got tagged for reading a blog

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I am: not wanting to go to class tonight
I think: that I’m crazy!!!
I know: I’m crazy!!!
I want: hot and sour soup
I dislike: stupid people
I miss: Indranil Das Gupta
I fear: losing my friends
I feel: lazy
I hear: my phone beeping
I smell: nothing…
I crave: nothing
I cry: over missing Indra
I usually: lecture myself for not going to class
I search: for good food
I wonder: why things happen the way they happen
I regret: not being happy for the last 5 years
I love: Indranil Das Gupta
I care: about Indra and my girls
I always: try to be nice
I worry: about money
I am not: sane
I remember: Grandma and Grandpa Wilber
I believe: in true love
I dance: to Cassini’s Division
I sing: along with my fave songs
I don’t always: listen
I argue: over stupid things
I write: lots of homework
I win: when i try to win
I lose: self-control sometimes
I wish: I was in Kolkata, India
I listen: to Cassini’s Division
I don’t understand: why some people are dumb
I can usually be found: at home…
I am scared: losing my loved ones
I need: money
I forget: that I’m on my own sometimes
I am happy: to finally be happy


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