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October 16, 2008

hoping you did the best

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how do you know if you did something right…when you let loose of something you love so very much, because it hurts too much??? (no i’m not talking about indra)…i’m hoping that i chose the right path…i suppose only time will tell…*sigh*….ok…if you are dying to know…message me…perhaps I’ll tell you.

October 11, 2008

what the fsck?!?!?!

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so…people are fucking stupid…a friend i *thought* was a friend stabbed me in the back today…she was saying something about how moms can leave their kids and i said if it was meant for me to not beat around the bush…and she called me a dead beat birth mom…who does she think she is to talk to me like that?! to even have the audacity to even think about saying that??? she’s a bitch…i can’t believe her…

so…good? or bad??

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So…today I went to work, and the call center coordinater (adriana) told me ben (the schedule guy) wanted to see me…so I thought I was in trouble…I asked him what did i do this time?? He said nothing…then he started going off about how we’re perfectly staffed and stuff…and apparently they want to train me as a supervisor!!! HELL YEAH!!! that means probably a pay raise once i start training…more responsibility…more everything…although I think I will just be a fill in supervisor, or part time…who knows?! I’ll find out more tomorrow and post again…TODAY WAS A AWESOME DAY!!!!

October 6, 2008


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so tonight i hung out with my roomies…Jeni and Juanita (my new one)…we went to wal mart…it was fun…we’ve never had a chance to all hang hang out we did tonight…it was fun :D…Juanita is my new crazy roomie..we hang out *all* the time and she went to Vegas over the weekend and left me to be lonely…thinking about going to CA for devdays in a few weeks…ought to be interesting…to say the least…we’ll see *shrug*

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