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December 23, 2008


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There isn’t much going on here…I’m just getting ready to go back to school…School starts again January 8, 2009, and I can’t wait…I’m excited to go back to school!! Ok, not really, but starting school again means I am getting that much closer to going to India for good, and so much closer to going to visit Indra in May!! Yeaahhh!! Its adventureous…I’ll apply for my tourist visa at the beginnng of the month and at the same time I’ll buy my plane ticket to go, and then turn in the dates for the trip, and I’ll have the time off. I’m excited that my work is giving me the time off without even flinching. I’m so glad that they don’t want to lose me that they are willing to give me the time off without even arguing. I haven’t been doin much…just been workin a lot….talking to Indra as much as I can, and seeing my girls on Thursdays. Its pretty much awesome!!  The time to see Indra is coming closer. Tentative dates are May 5, 2009 until May 21-22nd (somewhere around there) for the return.  Ya’ll wanna see me I’m flying into Delhi and then travelling to Kolkata, so either get in touch with me, or Indra…we’ll see what we can do about it!!


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