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April 12, 2009

Launchpad Episode 4

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Okay, so I watched the 4th Episode of Launchpad today. Let me first say, Cassini’s Division totally ruled that episode. The fact that they almost walked out, gave them a good portion of the show. YEAH!!! =D And lets talk about the performances. This week they each picked a song which was performed by a famous singer at some time in the past.

Cassini’s Division: They sang ‘Bad’ by Micheal Jackson. OMG!!! They totally rocked that song!! I went back and listened to the Micheal Jackson version, and I was appalled. CD was totally much better. It was much better because I also had a phone conversation with the bassist, John Bose, love him!!! Awesome. They have been the most consistent so far. Sorry, I’m sorta biased towards them too. Told Jboi that if they didn’t win that I would totally boycott that channel for good. Lets see!! Damn the fact that I’m going to be traveling from Delhi to Kolkata on May 9th, Thank God for Jboi, and his promise for a text to tell me the results, we’ll see if he remembers or not. ;-) /me goes to call Tara to have her remember =D

Faridkot: As usual…BORING!!! Thats all I have to say

Prachir: Good, I don’t remember the song, but I still like them. I look forward to seeing them live. They got dealt a shit hand, stupid Ashu.

Circus: um, yeah, sure…I don’t remember the song…which speaks for itself..

Reverse Polarity: well…yeah…um…how were they 1st? I don’t think they are all that good. The screaming gives me a headache. Yeah, the lead singer is hot and all…but OMG, everytime he speaks in Hindi I want to point my finger and laugh at him!!!

Workshop: Madonna…OMG…ROFL…they did a shitty job on the song. Although I have to give them that the end was funny. But…yeah…one funny part at the end can’t make up for the bad song.

Blank Noize: um…yeah, They went home. Good riddance.



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  1. you are right, prachir are a fine band. a cut above the rest. technically they are very polished. especially the drummer and leads.

    Comment by shaunak — January 4, 2011 @ 9:46 am

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