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June 26, 2009


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So…today is June 26th, 2009. Yesterday Indra and I got married. We have been very busy the last few days with getting everything done and making sure everybody was coming and was aware of the plans. Admist this, the registrar had called to confirm the date (she was thinking it was the next day) but Indra kindly informed her that we had wanted the 25th and that we had called to confirm it a few days back. So she headed down to her office. It consisted of 12 people, Maa, Baba, Sujata, Susmit, Ananya (Susmit’s girlfriend), Sayamindu, Subhodip, little Indranil Dasgupta, Johnny, Tara, and of course me and Indra! :) Indra had rented two a/c cars to drive us around. All we did was the registery marriage, we both filled out some paper and signed, and then repeated the vows 3 times each, and were married!! :) It was nice to have all of our friends and family with us. Photos are here.


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