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July 24, 2009

What were the Apple India people thinking??

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So…Indra’s *white* 13″ macbook battery has given up its ghost. And therefore, we have been looking at the prices of a replacement battery. Well…a friend of ours, Arindam “Mak” Ghosh, gave us a link to the Indian Apple Store. Price set at Rs 6500 (About USD $130), not as much as I had been thinking it would be…but still…will put a good dent in the pockets. Well…imagine my surprise when I found this!!

This screenshot is for the white Macbook battery, from the Indian Apple Store! But the overview says that this battery works in only the *black* Macbook. Well…it surprised me, cause the black Macbook battery page said the same thing…Well…I decided to look at the US Apple store and see what they said. And found this:

Where the US Apple store states that the white Macbook battery states that it only works with the *white* Macbook.

Does Apple India even realize their mistake? Even realize that people notice? That people even wonder what the hell they were thinking when they wrote it? One would think that they were just being lazy and copied it from the black page without even editing it! Such carelessness, and stupidity, and that too for a premium brand! Hardly inspiring.

July 14, 2009

Bangla class

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Well…for the next 6 months I will be attending Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture to formally learn Bengali. Then after that there is another 6 month Senior Course I will take. But…tonight was my first class. I was thinking there would be more white people, I mean come on, who else will want to learn bangla?? Well…to my surprise there were 10 students, and ALL of them Indian!! :) 3 spoke Hindi, but no bangla, 3 spoke some sort of bangla, but couldn’t write it. But I was the *only* white person!! So class goes on, and all we do is learn some sounds, and write a bunch of scripts (aka squiggly lines, as I call them =D). So I get out of class and I’m waiting for Indra and there was a group of 3 guys who came up to me and asked me where I was from and such. :) It was an adventure! Now…time to fiddle around until 4am, and then on to Chinese breakfast again with some friends!

July 9, 2009


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I’m loving India so far. The people, the food, everything. Except! I am missing a few things like:

  • being able to go out on my own
  • knowing where I am going!
  • my friends
  • working
  • my girls

As many of you know, I am not the type of person who likes to just sit around and do nothing…well…here I find myself doing that a lot…it was okay at first, but now it’s getting boring…I mean yeah, I walk to the local tea stall nearly everyday, and I can go to Gariahat, but…going alone is no fun, and I can’t speak the language, and I have nothing to buy.

Speaking of which I start class on Tuesday, so thats a good thing! Anyways, enough venting.

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