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August 13, 2009


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So, since today *was* Thursday, but now is Friday, since it is 107am. I went to my bengali class. Well…low and behold to my surprise, today is a Hindu holiday…well, so the Hindu’s say, but the calendar says tomorrow, erm today…so…class was canceled. I suppose had I been feeling better on Tuesday and attended the class, I might have known there was no class today. Oh well! =) So…I come home again, and after getting sick of waiting for a bus, I walked down to Bijon-setu (bridge) and caught an auto-rickshaw home, which costs 6 rupees (like 10 cents). Well…the auto rickshaws normally drop us off on the other side of the crossing from our house. The crossing by which we live is pretty dangerous, and so, I (like a good girl) find myself a group of people, and if there isn’t one immediately available, I just wait for one, and then I cross with them. Then we usually take a cycle-rickshaw home. Well…today I was getting on, and told the riskshaw-wallah (the peddler) the name of our apartment complex. We go off on our way, and about half way home, he asks me (in english!) what gate to go to. Well…that surprised me, and not knowing if this rickshaw-wallah knows *exactly* where I live (since I don’t know how to direct him to the house in bengali) I just tell him ‘teen-nombor gate’ (which basically means gate number 3). So today, someone recognized me, without Indra by my side! =) Happy day


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