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February 25, 2010

Getting more Indian States into Kgeography

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I have been working on getting more India specific content into kde-edu. The first program I decided to work on was Kgeography.

At first the maps would just work in Kgeography while choosing and showing the State names and capitals, but not the placing the districts into the state. After many failed attempts to get this working, Albert told me:

PNG images need to be 8-bit colormap, yours are 8-bit/color RGB.

I finally learned how to make the maps using GIMP into 8-bit color maps after being told by Patrick Spendrin. Using 8-bit colormap enabled the maps to use the placing option.

After the maps I was working on worked correctly I emailed them to Albert. He committed all 4 district maps into KDE svn. Since then I have been even more motivated to get the remaining political state maps of India completed. Most of the maps have now been traced and colored. I am working on the corresponding KGM files before sending them to be committed.

The states that have been put into Kgeography are: Assam, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, and Jharkhand.

District Map of Assam Get the PNG file Assam KGM file
District Map of Goa Get the Goa PNG file Goa KGM file
District Map of Himachal Pradesh Get the Himachal Pradesh PNG file Himachal Pradesh KGM file
District Map of Jharkhand Get Jharkhand PNG file Jharkhand KGM file

Jammu and Kashmir, was not accepted by Albert, because people would start debating about the actual state borders.

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