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January 29, 2011

Another update!!!

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Yes…I know…it seems all you hear from me these days is about!

Well, the newest development is the Letter of Invitation for students.

For students, please put this up on your registration boards.

We will have a poster coming up soon! :-)

In other news, I am looking to finish up the state maps for India, and working on putting more Bengali vocabulary files up.

I’m attending, *are* you?!?!

January 27, 2011 update

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Well…its time!!! You can register for HERE!!!!

Registration closes February 25, 2011

Costs :

  • Students – Rs. 500
  • Teachers/professors – Rs. 700
  • Normal registration – Rs. 900

Make sure to read the instructions carefully on the website! Come register to make this conference a success!

oh, and if you are a speaker, don’t register, there is no need!

See you there!!

**I am attending, are you?!?!**

January 26, 2011

Conf.KDE.IN is coming!

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Well…exciting news! Come March 2011, India will host the country’s first KDE conference. It will be held in Bangalore at R V College Of Engineering. The 9th-11th is the conference, and then a coding sprint will be held on the 12-13th.

The list of talks came out yesterday. The speakers come from around the globe, including India, Sweden, Germany and many other countries. The topics range from KDE-edu, Plasma, the KDE e.V., python, Qt, PyQt, and many other interesting topics.

They are still looking for sponsors, the information can be found here.

All are invited to come, students, teachers, KDE contributors, FOSS enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants to come.

Next time, I promise, I’ll have a snazzy button ;-) I promise we’ll have tons of fun! So come join us!!

I am attending, are you?!?!

January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011

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Happy 5th Birthday Jovie Beaner!! We miss you and wish we could be there for your birthday.


Mommy and Indra

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