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February 12, 2009

mind boggling

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so..can anyone tell me *exactly* how someone at the door, would see a gothic *guy* when there were 3 girls (one of them wearing a black shirt) sitting on the couches?  now if someone can answer me that question you’re the smartest person on the planet. Apparently when Jeremy’s mom dropped off the girls to me yesterday thats what she saw, a goth guy sitting on my couch, when there were none…she must be smoking something and hallucinating becase there were no guys at my place last night, except for Jeremy when he picked them up…and *then* he had the audacity to bring the lady who called me a dead beat mother to *MY* house…i was furious to say the least…yesterday was eventful! waiting for the answer to that question!

February 11, 2009

update…yeah, fun time

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Ok, all…this is whats been going on…I fly into India via Delhi, leaving Las Vegas at 840am on May 5th, and arriving in Delhi May 6th at 815pm, we will stay in Delhi for a period of 2-3 days (undecided at the moment), and then we will travel to Kolkata and then return to Delhi for my return to home (sad time) on the 21st of May at 1050pm. For those of you closer to Delhi who wish to meet me, please contact Indra…he’s in charge of the plans on that side! =D

Other good news…everyone *MUST* save FEBRUARY 12, 2010 so they can attend…wait, here it comes!! The wedding of Indranil Das Gupta & Stephanie Ann Whiting…exciting!!!  Yep, it shall be held somewhere around Kolkata…all that is set is the date so far…but really nothing else…lol…we’ll keep you updated as it comes along. yeah for dates!! so everyone save that date!

January 24, 2009

new year, new leaf

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So today I started a new job…I work at Wal-Mart…in the dairy…its fscking cold…LOL…but school is going good…I’ve been sick the last few days, so I haven’t gone…but on Monday its back to classes I go…good news, got a pell grant that i was hoping for, so that helps some since I’ve down in both pay & hours…so goodie!! I’m tired…wanna sleep…but I’m not sure I will lol…later all…

January 6, 2009

its official

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tickets have been purchased!! its official!!! I’M GOING TO INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 5th, arriving in Delhi May 6th at 815pm and leaving Delhi again on May 21st at 1050pm and arriving back home the 22nd of May at 1030am!! YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next order of business, get visa! yeah!

December 3, 2008


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Tomorrow should be an excellent day. Not to mention I work 730am to 11am to help out a friend to go see the doctor…then I will *finally* put in my application fee and transcripts to SUU (Southern Utah University ) which is the school where I will be getting my bachelors from. =] So progression to finish  my bachelors degree by December of next year is on the way. But the best part of my day tomorrow will be 6pm to 8pm, when I will be able to spend time with my adorable girls!!! yeaaaaahhhhh….good thing Jeremy is starting to be a bit nicer, perhaps we can now work out a more promising visitation agreement without me having to take him back to court…*sigh* we’ll see naah? yeaaahhh i can’t wait. =] yeah for me!!

October 16, 2008

hoping you did the best

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how do you know if you did something right…when you let loose of something you love so very much, because it hurts too much??? (no i’m not talking about indra)…i’m hoping that i chose the right path…i suppose only time will tell…*sigh*….ok…if you are dying to know…message me…perhaps I’ll tell you.

October 11, 2008

so…good? or bad??

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So…today I went to work, and the call center coordinater (adriana) told me ben (the schedule guy) wanted to see me…so I thought I was in trouble…I asked him what did i do this time?? He said nothing…then he started going off about how we’re perfectly staffed and stuff…and apparently they want to train me as a supervisor!!! HELL YEAH!!! that means probably a pay raise once i start training…more responsibility…more everything…although I think I will just be a fill in supervisor, or part time…who knows?! I’ll find out more tomorrow and post again…TODAY WAS A AWESOME DAY!!!!

August 26, 2008

school already???

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well…today I made it through the first day of school…totally interesting…the classes…the teachers…pretty cool. tomorrow is my short day…i think…i have my intro to programming (don’t ask me why i’m taking this class, but i am) for the first time tomorrow, thank goodness I have many computer geek friends who can help me at any given moment :-)…I can’t wait…stupid college…stupid financial aid…stupid everything today…well my laptop is fixed…but its at the store still since i didn’t know until like 10 minutes before they closed that they got it fixed…i guess i’ll go pick it up in the morning after my programming class…C++…hmm…interesting…lets see if i can pass that class….

oh btw 351 days :-)

August 21, 2008


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I so have a new addiction now…not only am i pretty much addicted to dr pepper…but now I’m addicted to a band called Cassini’s Division ( they pretty much rock…and this is coming from a girl who *loves* her country music…yeah its pretty awesome…

I got a new roommate (Sapphire)…but lost one too (Ashley)…but the new one is pretty fun too…I’m enjoying this time to learn more about myself and to focus on finishing school so I can *finally* go to Kolkata…I am just waiting for school to start Tuesday…18 credits…thats the most I have ever taken at one time…YIKES!!! 18 credits plus working full time…eek!! I can do it though…I’m just good like that :D…

well…thats pretty much all thats going on…besides the normal everyday things…talking to Indra until way late…browsing the internet, hanging on IRC, just basically being a bum on my days off…hehe

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