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April 23, 2009

Launchpad Episode 5

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Okay…totally nothing to say about this episode, totally B-O-R-I-N-G…all they did was take photos, but damn was CD looking good in those photos :) keep on rocking!!!

April 12, 2009

Launchpad Episode 4

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Okay, so I watched the 4th Episode of Launchpad today. Let me first say, Cassini’s Division totally ruled that episode. The fact that they almost walked out, gave them a good portion of the show. YEAH!!! =D And lets talk about the performances. This week they each picked a song which was performed by a famous singer at some time in the past.

Cassini’s Division: They sang ‘Bad’ by Micheal Jackson. OMG!!! They totally rocked that song!! I went back and listened to the Micheal Jackson version, and I was appalled. CD was totally much better. It was much better because I also had a phone conversation with the bassist, John Bose, love him!!! Awesome. They have been the most consistent so far. Sorry, I’m sorta biased towards them too. Told Jboi that if they didn’t win that I would totally boycott that channel for good. Lets see!! Damn the fact that I’m going to be traveling from Delhi to Kolkata on May 9th, Thank God for Jboi, and his promise for a text to tell me the results, we’ll see if he remembers or not. ;-) /me goes to call Tara to have her remember =D

Faridkot: As usual…BORING!!! Thats all I have to say

Prachir: Good, I don’t remember the song, but I still like them. I look forward to seeing them live. They got dealt a shit hand, stupid Ashu.

Circus: um, yeah, sure…I don’t remember the song…which speaks for itself..

Reverse Polarity: well…yeah…um…how were they 1st? I don’t think they are all that good. The screaming gives me a headache. Yeah, the lead singer is hot and all…but OMG, everytime he speaks in Hindi I want to point my finger and laugh at him!!!

Workshop: Madonna…OMG…ROFL…they did a shitty job on the song. Although I have to give them that the end was funny. But…yeah…one funny part at the end can’t make up for the bad song.

Blank Noize: um…yeah, They went home. Good riddance.


April 6, 2009

Channel [V] Launchpad

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channel [V] Launchpad is like Indian MTV (for those americans or others reading my blog) which gives bands a chance to get off the ground. They will get a cover on The Rolling Stones, if they win, as well as a contract and a international gig, and tour. Yeah! It totally rocks.

Ok, OMG, what the hell are the judges thinking?!?!?! The final 3 is Farikdot, Reverse Polarity, and Cassini’s Division (my personal fave). It started out with 20 bands, and the first day it was cut to 15, and then the next day was cut down to 7, those seven being: 1. Cassini’s Division, 2. Reverse Polarity, 3. Workshop, 4. Prachir, 5. Farikdot, 6. Blank Noize, and 7. Circus, well those last 2 were hard to remember, they must not have been very memorable for me. Farikdot and Workshop *so* should have gone home this week.

This week, they had to make a song in 10 minutes from a word drawn out of a fish bowl. Some were funny, like CD got waxing, and they made a hot cool song, and Reverse Polarity got the word ‘bra’ um, yeah…what the hell was the singer thinking???

My favorites are Cassini’s Division and Prachir. CD made it to the finals, but Prachir didn’t because of their stupid bassist, Ashu, leaving them. WTF is that all about?!?!?! That is just messed up in my mind. That is totally okay, because I intend to go see them live when I am in Kolkata. Thats my rant about them. You can find Cassini’s Division here: or on Orkut here and on Facebook here and Myspace here . Prachir can be found here on Orkut .

Now…for my opinions on the bands.

Cassini’s Division: These guys totally kick ass, plus they are good friends, so of course I’m totally rooting for them. They have a good taste of music and Rahul da has a nice voice, and his singing is the best. You can totally comptelely understand him when he sings in English. Jboi is just awesome on the bass and with his big puffy hair. Ludo, is fab on the drums. He’s awesome. Now, the other guitarist, Sukanti, I don’t know him very well…but he’s good too, even if all he does is stand around and walk around. Sorry, guys! But Jboi and Rahul love to dance around, even if Jboi does wear black polish and has this fondness for black and grey striped jackets…lol ;-).

Reverse Polarity: Well…first off…if I could really understand what the hell the guy was singing I’d be a lot happier, but they are pathetic, how the hell did they make it to the finals? And the guy when doing a commentary talks, he sounds really funny talking Hindi. I don’t like these guys at all.

Workshop: Well…these guys are funny, they like to sing about body parts, mainly the penis, in their songs, and so its sorta funny, but sorta gross. They wear the ugliest outfits on stage too, they wear these dark blue coveralls and yellow hard hats. WTF!!! Get rid of these guys!!! I don’t even know why they made it through to The House of Rock. They don’t even have their guitars tuned right! Come on now!!

Prachir: This band is hot. They are from Kolkata as well, just like CD. I *love* them. They are good, but got dealt a shitty hand, when their bassist left them in like the 3rd day, and said something about going to school and he would come back, but never came back. They rock!!! I totally intend to go see them live in Kolkata. Anybody up for it, I have to find someone else as Indra won’t go with. This is my favorite song from them currently:

Farikdot: They sing in Hindi, so I have no damn idea what they are saying. Their music so isn’t rock. Its more…slow? They are okay, but they aren’t a favorite by any means, or how they even managed to get to the finals, as they completely suck. I probably wouldn’t go see them by any means. They should have gotten eliminated this week.

Blank Noize: They suck too. I don’t really remember much about them, except their songs are slower, and I’m not sure they are ‘really’ rock. Yeah, not very memorable. *sigh*

Circus: They are good. The lead singer is sort of cute. LOL. Their music is good, I would probably go see them live. The only thing that I really remember about them is when they were going to the first audition they said ‘we are circus. the legal circus, the legal circus.’ over and over. But not very memorable either, no wonder why they didn’t make it to the finals.

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