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January 22, 2010

HP Service Center, US vs. India

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Well…after almost a year of pretty good treatment from my HP Pavilion Dv4 1145-go, something finally went wrong. Last Friday my computer stopped charging, and no amount of wiggling, pushing, and swear words would get the charger to connect. *sigh* Saturday, Indra and I went off to Loudon Street (off of Park Street) to the HP Service Center. We were lucky to make it in time, because the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, had come for the 150-year anniversary of St. Xavier’s College, and the whole convoy was getting ready to pull out soon. Thank goodness the police officer graciously let us cross the street saying, “Yes, go, but go fast.” So, we went across to the HP SC. Here I filled out a few lines of information about the problem I was having, and sat down. After about 5 minutes wait my number was called, and so we went back to the tech’s office and they tested my computer with their charger, and vice versa. After confirming that it was indeed the adapter that had gone bad, they looked up my warranty information, where upon searching it was found that my warranty had expired in October. Knowing this was incorrect information, I gave them the original purchase receipt, which they then promptly scanned. They told us, “tin char din” (3 - 4 days.) Upon further clarification, it was specified that it would be business days. After this we ran our few errands while we were out, and then went home.

Monday morning I woke up to a phone call from the HP SC wanting to know the specific name of the business I had purchased my laptop at, after unsuccessfully telling the lady on the other end the line, Indra was given the phone, and the call was completed.

Tuesday morning, was the same thing. Only this time they wanted a copy of the “original” invoice. When they said this, they were promptly told that the copy was already in their possession and that there was nothing else to be given. They were insisting they needed a “stamped” copy of the “original” invoice. Again, stating that this was all that I was given, they said, “okay.”

Wednesday They called later in the afternoon, and said that their warranty counterparts in India would not be able to use the warranty as my original purchase receipt did not have the serial number of my laptop on it. Outraged at this I said good-bye and proceeded to rant about the sometimes idiotic bureaucracy of India. I went to class with all intents of calling HP & Best Buy when I got home. I called them, and after 30 minutes of international calls, I had managed to get my solution. I gave the HP in the US the Serial Number and the date I purchased my laptop, and they verified that the warranty should be valid 1 year from the date I purchased the computer. I scanned my receipt and sent it on the way to HP with the promise of the warranty being corrected in 24-72 hours. The email was received promptly.

Thursday, I called the HP SC in Kolkata and told them that I had called to the US myself and that the warranty should be updated. Nobody would listen to me, so I asked to speak to the supervisor when I also explained the situation, and that *I* had taken it upon myself to fix the problem. Nobody would listen and insisted that the warranty wouldn’t work. I many times asked for them to just input the SN into their system and they would find that the warranty information had been updated from the US side. After being thoroughly dismissed and ignored. I then called Indra and asked him to call. He instead called Suresh Gopinath, a work contact, and then he proceeded to call an upper level HP manager in Bangalore. By 430pm I had heard from Suresh-da that it was fixed. The HP SC had also called and informed me that the order placement was in and that it should be here by Friday, end of business.

Today…(being Friday) I answered the phone from HP, and was promptly told that the part had been ordered today, and would again be here in “3-4 business days.” Outraged, I had Indra call to the upper level manager, and who, despite it being his day off, said he would see what happened. Then, today at about 130pm, I received another phone call from the HP SC saying that my part had come in, and what was my address, so they could deliver it. By 4pm today the adapter was here, and now my computer is working.

It outrages me how the HP SC couldn’t even call the US side and fix the warranty themselves, I had to do that legwork myself. So, pretty much I had done their work, and they thought they would be able to get off easily, because of their ignorance in how the other countries work regarding receipts. The company needs to train their employees to listen, and not ignore their customers, as well as learn about how the rest of the world works and work with the customers, not against them.

September 28, 2009

Do you hear that?

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The silence is back! No more drums, and plays, and children trying to be cute by talking on the microphone, while really being annoying…ahhhhhhhhhhh it’s wonderful!

September 3, 2009

Does this shock and awe your conscience??

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I read almost everyday and because of my interest in Criminal Justice I also read the CRIME section pretty religiously. Well…I have been following the journey of Susan Atkins for the past few days. Her current story is here. Now, mind you I understand that she is apparently “dangerous” because of the previous crimes commited about 40 years back. But…if you read you will come to realize that Susan has terminal brain cancer, and is paralyzed. She can’t get out of bed, or into a wheelchair. Recently she had a parole hearing…where her parole was *DENIED*. Right…apparently she is still dangerous.

My first reaction was that this is cruel and unsual punishment. Why you ask? Because…it “shocks and awes your conscience. Not only is Susan paralyzed, but she has a tremendous amount of medical bills that are being paid by the US taxpayers money. Now, honestly, tell me where this is fair? It doesn’t seem at all fair to me…

another rant

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Sorry all…I’ve just been down a bit these last few days. I don’t get out much, because… 1. I prefer not to go out alone and get into some sort of trouble or get ripped off… 2. I don’t know the city very well, and I don’t want to get lost, and yeah…so pretty much the only time I get out of the house is when I go to my Bengali class, well…unless I go to Barasat or WBUT with Indra (which these days is not that often). But anyways, life goes on. The hardest part is I used to enjoy my bangla class…but now…its just getting irritating because the teacher doesn’t seem to be teaching us *anything* new…its the same thing day in and day out…I mean yeah, mind you, he has taught us the conugations of the verbs, but we are hardly learning any new vocab…we are learning a bunch of verbs…but no words…if you can get what I’m saying…I am learning more at home by asking Indra, Maa, or Sujata what the word means. Its really annoying…and I’m sick of not having a job…I’m really sick of having to depend on others, and I just want to be active again…sorry for the rant…I had to blow up somewhere…and the internet is a safe place because nobody gets hurt.

July 24, 2009

What were the Apple India people thinking??

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So…Indra’s *white* 13″ macbook battery has given up its ghost. And therefore, we have been looking at the prices of a replacement battery. Well…a friend of ours, Arindam “Mak” Ghosh, gave us a link to the Indian Apple Store. Price set at Rs 6500 (About USD $130), not as much as I had been thinking it would be…but still…will put a good dent in the pockets. Well…imagine my surprise when I found this!!

This screenshot is for the white Macbook battery, from the Indian Apple Store! But the overview says that this battery works in only the *black* Macbook. Well…it surprised me, cause the black Macbook battery page said the same thing…Well…I decided to look at the US Apple store and see what they said. And found this:

Where the US Apple store states that the white Macbook battery states that it only works with the *white* Macbook.

Does Apple India even realize their mistake? Even realize that people notice? That people even wonder what the hell they were thinking when they wrote it? One would think that they were just being lazy and copied it from the black page without even editing it! Such carelessness, and stupidity, and that too for a premium brand! Hardly inspiring.

July 9, 2009


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I’m loving India so far. The people, the food, everything. Except! I am missing a few things like:

  • being able to go out on my own
  • knowing where I am going!
  • my friends
  • working
  • my girls

As many of you know, I am not the type of person who likes to just sit around and do nothing…well…here I find myself doing that a lot…it was okay at first, but now it’s getting boring…I mean yeah, I walk to the local tea stall nearly everyday, and I can go to Gariahat, but…going alone is no fun, and I can’t speak the language, and I have nothing to buy.

Speaking of which I start class on Tuesday, so thats a good thing! Anyways, enough venting.

April 8, 2009


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OMG!!! Where has the time gone?!?!?! Last I knew it was January and I had just purchased my tickets for India for a 2 1/2 week trip. Then it was February, and I applied for my tourist visa, and within a week had it back in my hand. Back then I was freaking out thinking how long it was before I could be in India with Indra and be completely and utterly happy for 2 1/2 weeks. Then recently, things have been going screwy, saving not going as planned because of things popping up left from the ex-husband, and my health issues flaring. My knees are flaring up a lot (I have patelofemoral syndrome, basically the cartillage under my knee caps is slowly softening and I think disintigrating or something, and so it causes the bones to grind against each other, and is often painful when flare ups occur) because of my new job. Also, because I’m only part time and I have only been there for about 3 months, I am not yet eligible for health care. Thus, without health insurance its *way* too expensive for me to pay to see the Orthopaedic surgeon needed for my knees, thus another contributing factor. Then the decision was made to make this a permanent transitition. So come May 5th, I am moving to Kolkata, India. YEAH!! But now, here it is April 8th, and I don’t know where all the time has gone, and I am in amazement that in just under a month, I will be starting a new adventure and a new life. With a new family (and some old ones too), and new friends, new culture, new country, lots of new stuff. I’m scared, to be honest, I’m scared mostly of the cultural shock. It’s going to be a big adjustment for me. But I know it will be okay because I have family and good friends behind me! And somewhere amidst all this, the wedding will occur. W-O-W! Talk about stressful. I can’t wait. Delhi here I come!!!

Btw, anybody who lives closer to Delhi than Kolkata, and wants to meet up, please let me know, and get me your number, or get with Indra and we’ll arrange it! =D

April 6, 2009

Channel [V] Launchpad

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channel [V] Launchpad is like Indian MTV (for those americans or others reading my blog) which gives bands a chance to get off the ground. They will get a cover on The Rolling Stones, if they win, as well as a contract and a international gig, and tour. Yeah! It totally rocks.

Ok, OMG, what the hell are the judges thinking?!?!?! The final 3 is Farikdot, Reverse Polarity, and Cassini’s Division (my personal fave). It started out with 20 bands, and the first day it was cut to 15, and then the next day was cut down to 7, those seven being: 1. Cassini’s Division, 2. Reverse Polarity, 3. Workshop, 4. Prachir, 5. Farikdot, 6. Blank Noize, and 7. Circus, well those last 2 were hard to remember, they must not have been very memorable for me. Farikdot and Workshop *so* should have gone home this week.

This week, they had to make a song in 10 minutes from a word drawn out of a fish bowl. Some were funny, like CD got waxing, and they made a hot cool song, and Reverse Polarity got the word ‘bra’ um, yeah…what the hell was the singer thinking???

My favorites are Cassini’s Division and Prachir. CD made it to the finals, but Prachir didn’t because of their stupid bassist, Ashu, leaving them. WTF is that all about?!?!?! That is just messed up in my mind. That is totally okay, because I intend to go see them live when I am in Kolkata. Thats my rant about them. You can find Cassini’s Division here: or on Orkut here and on Facebook here and Myspace here . Prachir can be found here on Orkut .

Now…for my opinions on the bands.

Cassini’s Division: These guys totally kick ass, plus they are good friends, so of course I’m totally rooting for them. They have a good taste of music and Rahul da has a nice voice, and his singing is the best. You can totally comptelely understand him when he sings in English. Jboi is just awesome on the bass and with his big puffy hair. Ludo, is fab on the drums. He’s awesome. Now, the other guitarist, Sukanti, I don’t know him very well…but he’s good too, even if all he does is stand around and walk around. Sorry, guys! But Jboi and Rahul love to dance around, even if Jboi does wear black polish and has this fondness for black and grey striped jackets…lol ;-).

Reverse Polarity: Well…first off…if I could really understand what the hell the guy was singing I’d be a lot happier, but they are pathetic, how the hell did they make it to the finals? And the guy when doing a commentary talks, he sounds really funny talking Hindi. I don’t like these guys at all.

Workshop: Well…these guys are funny, they like to sing about body parts, mainly the penis, in their songs, and so its sorta funny, but sorta gross. They wear the ugliest outfits on stage too, they wear these dark blue coveralls and yellow hard hats. WTF!!! Get rid of these guys!!! I don’t even know why they made it through to The House of Rock. They don’t even have their guitars tuned right! Come on now!!

Prachir: This band is hot. They are from Kolkata as well, just like CD. I *love* them. They are good, but got dealt a shitty hand, when their bassist left them in like the 3rd day, and said something about going to school and he would come back, but never came back. They rock!!! I totally intend to go see them live in Kolkata. Anybody up for it, I have to find someone else as Indra won’t go with. This is my favorite song from them currently:

Farikdot: They sing in Hindi, so I have no damn idea what they are saying. Their music so isn’t rock. Its more…slow? They are okay, but they aren’t a favorite by any means, or how they even managed to get to the finals, as they completely suck. I probably wouldn’t go see them by any means. They should have gotten eliminated this week.

Blank Noize: They suck too. I don’t really remember much about them, except their songs are slower, and I’m not sure they are ‘really’ rock. Yeah, not very memorable. *sigh*

Circus: They are good. The lead singer is sort of cute. LOL. Their music is good, I would probably go see them live. The only thing that I really remember about them is when they were going to the first audition they said ‘we are circus. the legal circus, the legal circus.’ over and over. But not very memorable either, no wonder why they didn’t make it to the finals.

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