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July 14, 2009

Bangla class

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Well…for the next 6 months I will be attending Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture to formally learn Bengali. Then after that there is another 6 month Senior Course I will take. But…tonight was my first class. I was thinking there would be more white people, I mean come on, who else will want to learn bangla?? Well…to my surprise there were 10 students, and ALL of them Indian!! :) 3 spoke Hindi, but no bangla, 3 spoke some sort of bangla, but couldn’t write it. But I was the *only* white person!! So class goes on, and all we do is learn some sounds, and write a bunch of scripts (aka squiggly lines, as I call them =D). So I get out of class and I’m waiting for Indra and there was a group of 3 guys who came up to me and asked me where I was from and such. :) It was an adventure! Now…time to fiddle around until 4am, and then on to Chinese breakfast again with some friends!

December 3, 2008


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Tomorrow should be an excellent day. Not to mention I work 730am to 11am to help out a friend to go see the doctor…then I will *finally* put in my application fee and transcripts to SUU (Southern Utah University ) which is the school where I will be getting my bachelors from. =] So progression to finish  my bachelors degree by December of next year is on the way. But the best part of my day tomorrow will be 6pm to 8pm, when I will be able to spend time with my adorable girls!!! yeaaaaahhhhh….good thing Jeremy is starting to be a bit nicer, perhaps we can now work out a more promising visitation agreement without me having to take him back to court…*sigh* we’ll see naah? yeaaahhh i can’t wait. =] yeah for me!!

August 26, 2008

school already???

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well…today I made it through the first day of school…totally interesting…the classes…the teachers…pretty cool. tomorrow is my short day…i think…i have my intro to programming (don’t ask me why i’m taking this class, but i am) for the first time tomorrow, thank goodness I have many computer geek friends who can help me at any given moment :-)…I can’t wait…stupid college…stupid financial aid…stupid everything today…well my laptop is fixed…but its at the store still since i didn’t know until like 10 minutes before they closed that they got it fixed…i guess i’ll go pick it up in the morning after my programming class…C++…hmm…interesting…lets see if i can pass that class….

oh btw 351 days :-)

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