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February 19, 2011

Less than a week…

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Yes that’s right! There is less than a week to register for online.

Registration is here!!

My slides are ready, I’m ready to go, and all that’s left is to pack, and arrive at the airport!! See ya’ll there!! :-)

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January 29, 2011

Another update!!!

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Yes…I know…it seems all you hear from me these days is about!

Well, the newest development is the Letter of Invitation for students.

For students, please put this up on your registration boards.

We will have a poster coming up soon! :-)

In other news, I am looking to finish up the state maps for India, and working on putting more Bengali vocabulary files up.

I’m attending, *are* you?!?!

January 27, 2011 update

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Well…its time!!! You can register for HERE!!!!

Registration closes February 25, 2011

Costs :

  • Students – Rs. 500
  • Teachers/professors – Rs. 700
  • Normal registration – Rs. 900

Make sure to read the instructions carefully on the website! Come register to make this conference a success!

oh, and if you are a speaker, don’t register, there is no need!

See you there!!

**I am attending, are you?!?!**

January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011

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Happy 5th Birthday Jovie Beaner!! We miss you and wish we could be there for your birthday.


Mommy and Indra

May 9, 2010

the last week or so…

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So… the other day (I don’t remember exactly when), but sometime last week i mentioned to Indra that I wanted some mexican food… well, we put it off as neither of us were feeling up to going out. Then a few days later we went to Kurry Klub and ordered mexican food. We ordered a chicken burrito and a quesadilla. Well… what we got was *NOT* mexican, but Indian-mex. The burrito was some sort of chicken and bean mix, with some indian spices (i’m not sure which ones, so don’t ask!) that was made with a Rumali Roti (made with corn flour) that was definitely not a regular tortilla. Oh, yeah, and it came with some “sour cream” and some salsa… the salsa was good, although a bit sweeter and milder than I would have liked. Then we had the quesadilla… the quesadilla was all just veggies, no sauce, no cheese… just bell peppers, onions and other veggies. Oh, yes, and we had some “mexican” fried rice, which the waiter didn’t want to serve us because, “its just rice sir, very dry.” It was made with garlic, green onions, and cilantro, and ended up being like the best thing we ordered that night. It was definitely interesting, and I’m not sure I want to experience that again… I think I will just wait until my next trip to the states, and eat plenty of mexican food!

Today I had to go to see a dermatologist because of some infection I have on my chin, and since I was running late and knew exactly where (ok, well… the area) where I needed to go, and it was starting to rain, I took a taxi. Well… usually I get taxi drivers who speak bengali and that I can communicate where I need to go (even with my very limited bengali skills)… well, this one today didn’t speak bengali, but Hindi. But not only did he not speak bengali, he understood my english better than my bengali. I was surprised, but managed to get where I needed to go without being taken for a ride. =)

June 26, 2009


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So…today is June 26th, 2009. Yesterday Indra and I got married. We have been very busy the last few days with getting everything done and making sure everybody was coming and was aware of the plans. Admist this, the registrar had called to confirm the date (she was thinking it was the next day) but Indra kindly informed her that we had wanted the 25th and that we had called to confirm it a few days back. So she headed down to her office. It consisted of 12 people, Maa, Baba, Sujata, Susmit, Ananya (Susmit’s girlfriend), Sayamindu, Subhodip, little Indranil Dasgupta, Johnny, Tara, and of course me and Indra! :) Indra had rented two a/c cars to drive us around. All we did was the registery marriage, we both filled out some paper and signed, and then repeated the vows 3 times each, and were married!! :) It was nice to have all of our friends and family with us. Photos are here.

May 13, 2009


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good-bye windows! hello fedora 10 :)

Laughs :)

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While waiting at the New Delhi train station, I saw something interesting. One guy came up to Indra and asked him if he wanted him to clean his ears. That’s a new experience for me. He waved him off and we started laughing.


Then last night, we were coming home from Barasat and a lot of people were carrying watermelons, with one man I noticed carrying a HUGE bag stuffed with them.. We didn’t know what was going on. A little bit farther down the street we found the cause, a truck carrying watermelons had tipped over, and because the driver caused an accident and didn’t want to get caught, he fled the scene. Everyone was looting the watermelons from the truck. It was funny. J

March 4, 2009

another rant….

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Seriously this is ridiculous, I’m so sick of ex drama…i just want it to go away!!! I’m so ready to move away because I can’t handle it…its just driving me insane! I’m sick of him looking down on me for some unknown reaons. I think its time to get away from him, which in turn means leaving my girls (expected result anyways) sooner than expected. Only time will tell where I end up. Could be I never leave India, could be I go to New York…who knows!!! Stay tuned!!!

February 4, 2009


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my visa today!!! I was given a 10 year tourist visa!!! yeaahhhhhhh!!!

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