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January 1, 2009

A look back at 2008

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All I can say is W-O-W!!!! 2008 was full of changes!! This time last year I hardly knew half of the people I know now & I didn’t know Indra…w-o-w! that thought scares me!! My girls are getting bigger, and older!! Myriam turned 4 this year OMG, and Jovie turns 3 in 3 days…*sigh* I’m starting to feel old…hehe…and this time next year I wouldn’t even have thought of moving out of this country by the end of 2009…Never did I imagine some of the things that would happen this year…mainly 1. getting a divorce from Jeremy, 2. meeting & falling in love with Indra, 3. finishing up school (yeah me!!), 4. visiting India (my first out of USA visit besides day visits to mexico & canada)…but most importantly I’ve made tons of new friends, and become closer with my mom as she helped me through these last few months. I’m waiting for the day when I’m with Indra & my mom both in Kolkata, experiencing all the new things, and for my mom to meet Indra’s maa, baba & Sujata. This year is a completely new year, we’ll call it the Das Gupta Year, sound good to you? Sounds wonderful to me, hopefully I’ll be the new Mrs. Indranil Das Gupta, by the end of May 2009!!!

December 31, 2008

last post of 2008

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Well…this is the last post of 2008…there is no other way to end the year but to spent it with those you love, and this time, I spent it with my girls. Photos are here:

It was soooooooooo much fun…they got spoilt rotten…no suprise here, tai naa? *sigh*

December 23, 2008


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There isn’t much going on here…I’m just getting ready to go back to school…School starts again January 8, 2009, and I can’t wait…I’m excited to go back to school!! Ok, not really, but starting school again means I am getting that much closer to going to India for good, and so much closer to going to visit Indra in May!! Yeaahhh!! Its adventureous…I’ll apply for my tourist visa at the beginnng of the month and at the same time I’ll buy my plane ticket to go, and then turn in the dates for the trip, and I’ll have the time off. I’m excited that my work is giving me the time off without even flinching. I’m so glad that they don’t want to lose me that they are willing to give me the time off without even arguing. I haven’t been doin much…just been workin a lot….talking to Indra as much as I can, and seeing my girls on Thursdays. Its pretty much awesome!!  The time to see Indra is coming closer. Tentative dates are May 5, 2009 until May 21-22nd (somewhere around there) for the return.  Ya’ll wanna see me I’m flying into Delhi and then travelling to Kolkata, so either get in touch with me, or Indra…we’ll see what we can do about it!!

December 17, 2008


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i’m tired…*sigh*…just thought I would update ya’ll…I’m planning a visit to Kolkata in May…I’m looking at leaving the US the 5th of May and arriving the night of the 6th in Delhi, and then leaving Delhi the 21st of May…if anyone wants to meet me just holler at me or Indra…if you want message me and i’ll shoot you my number so we can hook up…but yeah…i’m excited….yeah 2.5 weeks with Indra…mmm…well..i’m off to get food.

November 13, 2008


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God, why does it have to be him and her? why can’t it be me? this is so not fair. I wanted it to be me today, me flying to Kolkata, not that b**** flying in from Australia, to take *MY* place in my kids life. I want it being me enjoying the moment of finally being together. Yeah, I admit, I’m jealous, hell who in my place wouldn’t be? But life isn’t always fair, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. I guess my only consolation right now is she sounds like a guy. Why does it hurt to see him so happy? I want to be with Indra so bad right now, but I can’t be, and so therefore I’m sitting here throwing myself a pity party, oh well not much else to do. So yeah, its a sucky day, I’m depressed. I fucking want ice cream, but I’m really too lazy to go get any. I’m mad at myself, stupid me slacked off this semester, so instead of coming to India for good in August I won’t be coming until December! God damn, why was I so stupid? I guess the good thing is I am getting a visit (not sure when but soon) but…if I was smart I woulda stopped my fucking moping and done what I needed to to get to Indra…but as I said i’m stupid, and the depression sorta sucked me in. Oh well…working on getting back on my feet and will start school again in January. Well…the way I’m looking at it is its only 4 extra months, so not that much longer. Damn it! Stupidity wins again

November 11, 2008

the next 2 days…

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the next 2 days…can they just go by? first the 11th is veterans day (and my holiday since i’m a veteran) and the 12th is my birthday :(     i don’t want it to come…i want them to go away

October 11, 2008

what the fsck?!?!?!

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so…people are fucking stupid…a friend i *thought* was a friend stabbed me in the back today…she was saying something about how moms can leave their kids and i said if it was meant for me to not beat around the bush…and she called me a dead beat birth mom…who does she think she is to talk to me like that?! to even have the audacity to even think about saying that??? she’s a bitch…i can’t believe her…

October 6, 2008


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so tonight i hung out with my roomies…Jeni and Juanita (my new one)…we went to wal mart…it was fun…we’ve never had a chance to all hang hang out we did tonight…it was fun :D…Juanita is my new crazy roomie..we hang out *all* the time and she went to Vegas over the weekend and left me to be lonely…thinking about going to CA for devdays in a few weeks…ought to be interesting…to say the least…we’ll see *shrug*

September 24, 2008

tag…apparently i got tagged for reading a blog

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I am: not wanting to go to class tonight
I think: that I’m crazy!!!
I know: I’m crazy!!!
I want: hot and sour soup
I dislike: stupid people
I miss: Indranil Das Gupta
I fear: losing my friends
I feel: lazy
I hear: my phone beeping
I smell: nothing…
I crave: nothing
I cry: over missing Indra
I usually: lecture myself for not going to class
I search: for good food
I wonder: why things happen the way they happen
I regret: not being happy for the last 5 years
I love: Indranil Das Gupta
I care: about Indra and my girls
I always: try to be nice
I worry: about money
I am not: sane
I remember: Grandma and Grandpa Wilber
I believe: in true love
I dance: to Cassini’s Division
I sing: along with my fave songs
I don’t always: listen
I argue: over stupid things
I write: lots of homework
I win: when i try to win
I lose: self-control sometimes
I wish: I was in Kolkata, India
I listen: to Cassini’s Division
I don’t understand: why some people are dumb
I can usually be found: at home…
I am scared: losing my loved ones
I need: money
I forget: that I’m on my own sometimes
I am happy: to finally be happy

September 23, 2008


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so someone hit my car…like a week ago…or something like that…waiting to find out whats happening…lol…its irritating…lets just get it over and done with already…we’ll see….either that we’ll get it fixed or they’ll give me cash…

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