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August 13, 2009


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So, since today *was* Thursday, but now is Friday, since it is 107am. I went to my bengali class. Well…low and behold to my surprise, today is a Hindu holiday…well, so the Hindu’s say, but the calendar says tomorrow, erm today…so…class was canceled. I suppose had I been feeling better on Tuesday and attended the class, I might have known there was no class today. Oh well! =) So…I come home again, and after getting sick of waiting for a bus, I walked down to Bijon-setu (bridge) and caught an auto-rickshaw home, which costs 6 rupees (like 10 cents). Well…the auto rickshaws normally drop us off on the other side of the crossing from our house. The crossing by which we live is pretty dangerous, and so, I (like a good girl) find myself a group of people, and if there isn’t one immediately available, I just wait for one, and then I cross with them. Then we usually take a cycle-rickshaw home. Well…today I was getting on, and told the riskshaw-wallah (the peddler) the name of our apartment complex. We go off on our way, and about half way home, he asks me (in english!) what gate to go to. Well…that surprised me, and not knowing if this rickshaw-wallah knows *exactly* where I live (since I don’t know how to direct him to the house in bengali) I just tell him ‘teen-nombor gate’ (which basically means gate number 3). So today, someone recognized me, without Indra by my side! =) Happy day

July 24, 2009

What were the Apple India people thinking??

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So…Indra’s *white* 13″ macbook battery has given up its ghost. And therefore, we have been looking at the prices of a replacement battery. Well…a friend of ours, Arindam “Mak” Ghosh, gave us a link to the Indian Apple Store. Price set at Rs 6500 (About USD $130), not as much as I had been thinking it would be…but still…will put a good dent in the pockets. Well…imagine my surprise when I found this!!

This screenshot is for the white Macbook battery, from the Indian Apple Store! But the overview says that this battery works in only the *black* Macbook. Well…it surprised me, cause the black Macbook battery page said the same thing…Well…I decided to look at the US Apple store and see what they said. And found this:

Where the US Apple store states that the white Macbook battery states that it only works with the *white* Macbook.

Does Apple India even realize their mistake? Even realize that people notice? That people even wonder what the hell they were thinking when they wrote it? One would think that they were just being lazy and copied it from the black page without even editing it! Such carelessness, and stupidity, and that too for a premium brand! Hardly inspiring.

July 14, 2009

Bangla class

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Well…for the next 6 months I will be attending Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture to formally learn Bengali. Then after that there is another 6 month Senior Course I will take. But…tonight was my first class. I was thinking there would be more white people, I mean come on, who else will want to learn bangla?? Well…to my surprise there were 10 students, and ALL of them Indian!! :) 3 spoke Hindi, but no bangla, 3 spoke some sort of bangla, but couldn’t write it. But I was the *only* white person!! So class goes on, and all we do is learn some sounds, and write a bunch of scripts (aka squiggly lines, as I call them =D). So I get out of class and I’m waiting for Indra and there was a group of 3 guys who came up to me and asked me where I was from and such. :) It was an adventure! Now…time to fiddle around until 4am, and then on to Chinese breakfast again with some friends!

July 9, 2009


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I’m loving India so far. The people, the food, everything. Except! I am missing a few things like:

  • being able to go out on my own
  • knowing where I am going!
  • my friends
  • working
  • my girls

As many of you know, I am not the type of person who likes to just sit around and do nothing…well…here I find myself doing that a lot…it was okay at first, but now it’s getting boring…I mean yeah, I walk to the local tea stall nearly everyday, and I can go to Gariahat, but…going alone is no fun, and I can’t speak the language, and I have nothing to buy.

Speaking of which I start class on Tuesday, so thats a good thing! Anyways, enough venting.

June 26, 2009


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So…today is June 26th, 2009. Yesterday Indra and I got married. We have been very busy the last few days with getting everything done and making sure everybody was coming and was aware of the plans. Admist this, the registrar had called to confirm the date (she was thinking it was the next day) but Indra kindly informed her that we had wanted the 25th and that we had called to confirm it a few days back. So she headed down to her office. It consisted of 12 people, Maa, Baba, Sujata, Susmit, Ananya (Susmit’s girlfriend), Sayamindu, Subhodip, little Indranil Dasgupta, Johnny, Tara, and of course me and Indra! :) Indra had rented two a/c cars to drive us around. All we did was the registery marriage, we both filled out some paper and signed, and then repeated the vows 3 times each, and were married!! :) It was nice to have all of our friends and family with us. Photos are here.

June 1, 2009

fun yeah!!

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Well…tonight we went on a date!!! yeah!!! We went out and saw Angels & Demons. The movie was decent…not the best…but not the worst either. We then went to a restaurant off Park Street, called Mocambo, we both had sizzlers. Indra had the beef one, and I had the fish one. Also, I had a crab meat cocktail, and Indra had a prawn one. Man…that was surprising…I was expecting the normal shrimp cocktail but they were yummy!!! :) We walked around some, had a ice cream cone, and went home :) yeah!

May 28, 2009

more, and more, and more….

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Well…life has been good :) A few days ago we had Cyclone Alia come through. The cyclone didn’t come close to where I am, but all day the weather was horrible. It was dark and stormy, and *very very* windy, thank goodness Indra didn’t go to work that day. Johnny (our friend from Cassini’s Division and neighbor) had called me up asking me where he was, and was making sure that he was aware of the cyclone and safe. Thanks for good friends and neighbors here!! :) The next day we went out and it was amazing. All the billboards were blown down and there were trees that had been blown over. I mean, it was devastating because some people lost their homes, and there was a *lot* of flooding in certain places, but it was also beautiful. I know…it makes absolutely no sense…but it was!!

I went to WBUT with Indra and Subhodip this past week. It was interesting to say the least. There I met a friend I had been talking to for a long time online, who is also a friend of Indra’s, Najmun Nessa. It was fun to meet her and watch her work and interact with Indra and Subhodip. Najmun brought her son to the college, and he was very cute. It was nice to meet him, although he wouldn’t talk to me at all. Seeing him made me miss Myriam and Jovie. Oh well…such is life and we can not change it, even when I am being thwarted by their father…*sigh*

Its time to get ready to eat dinner, perhaps watch a movie with Indra, and go to bed…later :)

May 24, 2009


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Well…Friday night, I got to attend the one thing I had been looking forward to for a very *LONG* time. I got to see Cassini’s Division play Live at Princeton. Photos here. It was awesome!!! =D
Also, yesterday, we visited the Marriage Registrar and applied to get married. Now…we wait for 30 days =D We have planned it for June 25, 2009. Location: Unknown =P We’re not really sure what we’re doing…the reception is postponed until my mom can attend, sometime next year. Sorry guys if you were looking forward to a party =P

May 20, 2009


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Sorry its been a while since I’ve really posted anything significant. It’s been almost 2 weeks, and I’m still enjoying Kolkata and learning my way around. I’ve been left at home with Maa, Baba, and Sujata a few times this week while Indra goes to meetings for work. It’s not as bad as I had imagined, Maa makes sure I’m doing okay and that I’ve got what I need. I prefer to keep to myself, and always have, always when I lived on my own, so I spend the majority of my time online browsing the net, or reading books. Indra has taken me to work with him a few times, to Barasat, a college where he is setting up some servers and things. That’s always an adventure to be sure. =D

Yes, things have been tough, we’re still making adjustments and learning to live with the other, because neither of us have had to live with someone for quite sometime (besides the family & roommates).

We got a new bed yesterday. Its wrought iron and beautiful. Then we went to a store called Big Bazaar, reminds me a lot of Big Lots, and got some curtains that are blue, orange, and yellow and then some sheets which are different shades of orang, with yellow, pink and white. Its very pretty.

Everyone keeps asking me how I like India and *how* Indra really is. Well…India, its diverse, what can I say? Yes, its dirty and different. But the life here is so much simpler, there is no rush to get anything done (ok, somewhat =P) and so carefree, and the food, oh the food!!! It’s completely different than anything I am used to, but I love it too!! It’s just sooooooooo yummy. Indra…well…he’s amazing, he takes such good care of me and makes sure that I have everything I need. =D We get along great, so don’t worry!!

Take care, more adventures coming up soon…especially Friday, I’m going to see my all time favorite band, LIVE!!! Cassini’s Division I can’t wait!!!

May 18, 2009

if you love me…

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